OLEC - Dialogue platform for the energy turnaround

The North-West, which is home to numerous leading global players as well as a local research community, provides optimal conditions to successfully implement the energy turnaround. Oldenburger Energiecluster OLEC e.V. is the leading cross-technology energy network in the region, and brings together a wide range of expertise with over 55 members from science, industry, research, education and administration. This enables us to strengthen the economic and innovative capabilities of our region, also in co-operation with our Dutch neighbours.

Objective and tasks

OLEC sees itself as the dialogue platform for the energy turnaround and is a key point of contact for all aspects of the future energy supply. The implementation of the energy turnaround can only succeed with like-minded partners who are willing to make their knowledge available and are looking to benefit from sharing know-how, derive inspiration and new ideas from dialogue and want to join forces to tread new paths. For this reason, small innovative companies as well as global players, universities,institutions, regional authorities and educational institutions are part of the network and pursue the following goals together:

  • Integration of renewable energies into the energy system of the future
  • Acceleration of knowledge and innovation transfer from research to industry
  • Location marketing for the Energy Region North-West
  • Targeted lobbying for the energy industry
  • Promotion and strengthening of the education and training sector
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StartGreen Award (01.06.2017)
Jetzt bewerben bis zum 31.07.2017

Der StartGreen Award stärkt Gründerinnen und Gründern der Green Economy aus Deutschland den Rücken. Er soll innovative Start-ups und vorbildliche Gründungsförderer im Bereich Klimaschutz und Nachhaltigkeit unterstützen und sichtbar machen.
Der Preis fördert die Vernetzung grüner Start-ups, Unternehmen, Investoren, Förderinstitutionen und politischer Wegbereiter für eine grüne Wirtschaft. mehr

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