ENaQ project partners as guests in the ZDIN Podcast "Knowledge creates Innovation."

Wind energy, photovoltaic systems, heat pumps... Everything is already there, so the climate change can come after all! No, say Dr.-Ing. Sven Rosinger (Group Leader "Energy Efficient Smart Cities" in the R&D area Energy at the OFFIS Institute for Information Technology) and Georg Blum (Deputy Cluster Manager at the Oldenburg Energy Cluster OLEC e. V.). Innovative technologies alone are not enough to make the energy system more climate-friendly. Success depends above all on the interaction between research, business and society. Why? And to what extent do game nights with citizens help to implement the climate change? Find out in this episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np80T1lwKFM


On Digitaltag 2021, the podcast of the Center for Digital Innovation Lower Saxony (ZDIN) "Knowledge creates innovation." was launched. Since 18.06.2021, scientific employees:inside from the future labs give insights behind the scenes. They report on their research, but also show their very personal side. ENaQ partners are also guest speakers and discuss interesting topics such as energy and mobility. Information about the podcast and the ZDIN can be found at: www.zdin.de

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