TurbuMetric results workshop 11.01.2022

Dynamic fluid-structure interactions in turbulent wind environments . The aim is the simultaneous spatially and temporally high-resolution recording of turbulent wind flows (fluid behaviour) and deformations of the rotor blades of wind turbines in order to gain new insights into the behaviour of the rotor blades under load. The project results will be presented in a digital event on 11.01.2022.

1. turbulent wind fields - investigation of their aerodynamic load effect on a model wind turbine (Dr. Gerd Gülker, University of Oldenburg/ForWind)
2. optical 3D-measurement technique for the dynamic recording of rotor blades (Prof. Dr. Thomas Luhmann, Jade HS/IAPG)
3. flow simulation of wind turbines (Prof. Dr. Iván Herráez, HS Emden/Leer)
4. perspectives in wind energy research (Prof. Dr. Martin Kühn, University of Oldenburg/ForWind)

Here you can participate in the event: Zoom_Link