OLEC New Year Networking 2022 - Everyone participates in the energy market, 14.01.2022

With the election of the new federal government, the course is now to be set for a climate-friendly future. An integrated energy system, the design of which is one of the central macroeconomic, societal and political tasks of the coming years, will play a key role in this. The landscape of actors within this system will also change - it is already clear that everyone is participating in the energy market! We would like to discuss how future market players, decentralised and local structures will develop and what role digitalisation will play in this process together with you and proven experts from the independent and ideology-free think tank 'Internet of Energy'. The initiative has set itself the task of analysing the existing scope, deriving target scenarios and identifying possible development paths. As an independent and interdisciplinary body, it has been advising politics, business and research since 2007 in order to set design principles for the energy system of tomorrow.

Join the discussion with the think tank experts under the guidance of Lars Waldmann, Head of the Internet of Energy Circle, and our OLEC board representative Till Luhmann, Head of Corporate Development at BTC AG on 14 January 2022 from 9.00 to 11.00 a.m. in the digital room.