Start-up made in Oldenburg: Buses4Future delivers first hydrogen bus

The start-up Buses4Future, founded in Oldenburg in 2019, has set out to become a technology leader and pioneer of emission-free mobility and produces fuel cell buses for public transport. Buses4Future was funded as part of the GO! start-up centre at the TGO Oldenburg and made fit for market ramp-up. The first bus is now running in Münster. 

Dr Hans Hermann Schreier, Managing Partner of Buses4Future, is pleased that the first fuel cell bus has been leased to Stadtwerke Münster on a multi-year basis. The bus, which has been stationed in Münster since December 2020, has demonstrated the suitability of this innovative technology in test runs to date and is now in normal operation on Line 2.

In the presence of Lord Mayor Markus Lewe, as well as the managing directors of Stadtwerke Frank Gäfken and Westfalengas Andre Stracke, the official commissioning was announced on 21 January 2021.

The FC bus is 100% emission-free and smooth-running and is fuelled at a hydrogen filling station with a pressure of 350 bar.

The bus is provided by the Dutch founding partners of Buses4Future. It has already successfully demonstrated its practicality in regular service in the Netherlands for two years. After several modifications, renovations and upgrades, it will also serve as a reference and standard for a future series of fuel cell vehicles in Münster. In addition, it is available to interested municipalities for inspection and test drives.

Picture: from left: Jörg Raimann, Tamara Dörr, RV Energy Group, Jochem Huygen, Dr. Theo Hendriks, Buses4Future, Frank Gäfken, Stadtwerke Münster, Dr. Hans Hermann Schreier, Susanne Schreier, Buses4Future. Photo: Jonas Wresch / KfW

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