Building application submitted for Oldenburg's first hydrogen filling station

Oldenburg is increasingly developing into a hydrogen stronghold. After some hydrogen-powered passenger cars and a first hydrogen taxi are already on the road in the city, the building application for the first Oldenburg hydrogen filling station has now been submitted on the basis of the regional hydrogen initiative H2OL by H2Mobility. If everything goes according to plan, it is to be opened at the end of 2020 on Shell Cloppenburger Strasse. This would add a key element to the H2 infrastructure in Oldenburg.

The commitment for an Oldenburg hydrogen filling station dates back to 2018. At that time an application was submitted to H2Mobility Germany. This company is building up a basic filling station network throughout Germany. There are currently 83 hydrogen filling stations in Germany, the closest is located on the A28 in Stuhr. (

The hydrogen initiative H2OL was launched in 2017 by representatives from industry, politics and research. The primary objective is to promote the topic of hydrogen in the Oldenburg region and to promote its use as a storage medium and as an energy carrier in the mobility, electricity and heat sectors. Among other things, the initiative recently planned and implemented the hydrogen taxi "Sundays for Future", which has been in operation in Oldenburg every Sunday since February 2020. Members of the initiative include ACHT-ELF-ELF DAS TAXI GmbH, Autohaus Gerdes, Bremer Mineralöl, DLR Institute for Networked Energy Systems, EWE Gasspeicher, the engineering firm PLANET, Köhn & Plambeck, Oldenburg's OLEC energy cluster and VWG.

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