OOWV wins Sustainability Award Northwest 2020

The MULTI-ReUse project of the Oldenburgisch-Ostfriesischer Wasserverband, which is dedicated to the demand-oriented recycling and provision of wastewater for industrial purposes, wins the Northwest Sustainability Award worth 10,000 euros. This award is part of the NordWest Awards family of the Northwest Metropolitan Region. "MULTI-ReUse is developing and piloting an innovative, modular treatment system for water reuse that is unique in Germany," says Lutz Siewek, authorised signatory of Nehlsen AG, impressed. "Increasing water availability by using identical resources is, to use Nehlsen words, really a clean achievement!".

The importance of new approaches to water treatment is shown by the nationwide discussion about the respective groundwater levels, which are falling in many places due to declining rainfall. Because it does not always have to be drinking water quality for industrial purposes. "To reuse treated clear water from the sewage plant for industrial purposes is an outstanding example of how sustainability works: targeted, innovative, resource-saving and effective," says District Administrator Jörg Bensberg, 1st Chairman of the Northwest Metropolitan Region. The Nordenham sewage treatment plant selected by the project is an ideal location for the pilot phase, as the Wesermarsch district itself does not have its own drinking water supply, but Nordenham is home to a large number of water-intensive industries and trades. Through the MULTI-ReUse project, technical possibilities for increasing water availability were successfully tested and the basis for the planning and implementation of a large-scale water reuse plant in Nordenham was developed. This conversion will benefit not only the industry in Nordenham but also the groundwater resources of the surrounding districts.

In addition to the prize money awarded by Nehlsen AG, the project will also receive an image film. "We would like to donate the prize money to ten different non-profit institutions in the area covered by the association, which could well use support due to the current difficult situation. Specifically, 1000 Euros will be given to one institution each from our nine member districts in the drinking water sector and from the city of Oldenburg, who will be allowed to participate in the distribution of the donations", says Karsten Specht, managing director of OOWV.

Since 2014, the Metropolitan Region Northwest has been presenting the NordWest Awards every two years in order to make the strengths of the region visible through outstanding projects. Also in 2020 the total prize money of the NordWest Awards amounted to 40,000 Euros, which were provided by strong regional partners, NORD/LB, hkk Krankenkasse and Nehlsen AG.

As a short-term alternative to the awards ceremony originally scheduled for 18 May, the NorthWest Metropolitan Region shot short clips with the laudations for the winners, which can be called up on the association's homepage. The winners will personally receive the awards at the end of November in Bremerhaven, and in the course of this, they will possibly be able to present what the respective prize money was used for.

Text and Picture: Metropolregion Nordwest

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