Hydrogen Week #WDWN2021

More than any other region in the country, northern Germany is making a significant contribution to the energy transition thanks to wind power. The electricity sector is particularly well served in this regard. To achieve climate targets in industry, chemicals, heating and mobility, the north sees particular potential in hydrogen as an energy carrier. Hydrogen connects the sectors as a natural gas substitute, process gas and fuel. Surplus wind power that cannot be fed into the grid can be made usable by means of hydrogen electrolysis or stored in the long term. In addition, the development of a green hydrogen economy creates value and creates capacity for skilled jobs. The offerings of #WDWN2021 range from various lectures, expert talks, live streams, films, podcasts, talk rounds, webinars, digital and real lab tours to an international symposium, a digital poster exhibition, a showcase show, a quiz, a greeting and a parliamentary evening, as well as a press trip, a moderated press briefing, a summer party, aviation forum, coffee talk and the awarding of funding certificates.

You can read all further information about the Hydrogen Week here.

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Image source: https://h2.live/h2mobility