Excellent network in the northwest - "Go-Cluster" visits Oldenburg

Germany has many powerful regional innovation clusters. The "go-cluster" programme is the cluster policy excellence measure of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and supports cluster management organisations in further developing their services and activities. In order to make the diversity of the German cluster landscape and its work visible, the "go-cluster" team has taken the initiative to portray some of its members: Exciting reports provide an insight into the range, working methods and the faces behind "go-cluster".

During Cluster Week Germany 2019, 8 exemplary reports have already been produced and published. Now further members are to be portrayed, including the Oldenburg energy cluster OLEC e.V. As the largest cross-technology energy network in north-western Germany, OLEC has been a member of the "go-cluster" program since 2015. Since 2017, the network has also been certified with the silver label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI). The award, based on uniform evaluation criteria that are aligned with European quality standards, is a certification of the high quality and performance of cluster management organizations.

For the preparation of the member portrait Georg Blum (OLEC e.V.) and Klaus Zelder (City of Oldenburg) received a visit from Simone Kleeberger, public relations officer of the "go-cluster" from Berlin in the beginning of August in the rooms of the Technology and Start-up Centre Oldenburg (TGO). Based on the visit, the lively discussions and the impressions gained during the visit, "go-cluster" is now preparing a report on OLEC e.V. You can look forward to an interesting report in which you will get to know us as a network, our work and projects even better. The report will soon be published on the "go-cluster" website as well as in a brochure of the Federal Ministry of Economics. We will of course keep you up to date here as well.

Caption: Simone Kleeberger (Go Cluster) put Klaus Zelder (City of Oldenburg, centre) and Georg Blum (Deputy Cluster Manager OLEC) to the test. Picture: OLEC e.V.. 

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