New episode of "Hirn gehört" with Prof. Dr. Dirk Loerwald (IÖB)

The eighth episode of the science podcast "Hirn gehört: Oldenburger Wissensschnack" is on air. This time, the guest is Prof. Dr. Dirk Loerwald, head of the IÖB Institute. Together with the moderators of the podcast, Dr. Bianca Brüggen and Jens-Steffen Scherer, who also moderate the Oldenburg Science Slam, Prof. Loerwald "chats" about the projects, goals and offerings of the IÖB. He lets us in on how he decided against teaching rather by chance out of a deep interest in business ethics and what excites him about his work today.

Loerwald tells us about the three main research areas of the IÖB: business and ethics, climate protection/sustainability and digitalization. He also provides insights into the work of the Oldenburg Experimental Laboratory Economic Education ( Loerwald describes the work of the IÖB as follows: "Consumers, employees and economic citizens need well-prepared information in order to make self-determined and informed decisions in economically influenced life situations and to be aware of their social responsibility. Of course, trust also plays a central role: in people and institutions, in order to understand oneself as part of a larger whole.

Speaking of being part of a larger whole, on September 16, 2021, the IÖB together with wigy e. V. invites all interested parties to the garden lecture "1x1 der Wirtschaft" (1x1 of the economy) in the institute's garden at Bismarckstr. 31, 26122 Oldenburg. On the topic of "Germany's economy - fit for the future?" you can talk to experts. A first teaser of the event is available in the current episode of the science podcast with Prof. Loerwald. Invitation cards to the events are drawn as usual in the coupon action over the NWZ under

Who can wait until then no longer, hears now into the Podcast with Professor Dr. Dirk Loerwald purely, which is available immediately on the homepage of "Hirn vom Hahn" ( as well as on usual Podcast platforms.

The audio podcast series "Hirn gehört: Oldenburger Wissensschnack" always appears on the third Thursday of a month and is coordinated by the Oldenburg Network Science Communication, to which various regional research institutions have joined: Jade University of Applied Sciences, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg with the Didactic Center for Teacher Education, the Neurosensory Research Center and the Institute of Marine Chemistry and Biology, DFKI - German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Schlaues Haus Oldenburg, OFFIS - Institute for Computer Science, European Science Communication Institute (ESCI), Oldenburg Energy Cluster - OLEC e.V. and IÖB - Institute for Economic Education.

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