Helleheide summer festival: full success despite autumn weather

Last Friday and Saturday, August 27 and 28, 2021, the city of Oldenburg in cooperation with OLEC e.V. and GSG Oldenburg organized the Summer Festival Helleheide on the future technology island in the Helleheide neighborhood on the air base in Oldenburg. Despite bad weather that hardly seemed like summer, about 200 interested people visited the summer festival to learn about the ENaQ project, the research results of the partner institutions and the future plans for the air base.

At the "Market of Opportunities", the experts from the project presented themselves and brought their previous research results to look at and try out.

GSG Oldenburg presented a 3D model of the future neighborhood and welcomed future residents to the citizens' workshop. The University of Oldenburg, Leuphana University Lüneburg and ARSU provided information about the possibilities of participation. At the booth focusing on digitalization in the neighborhood, OFFIS presented the prototype of an energy traffic light and Electric Special brought a model of the planned street lighting. The city of Oldenburg presented its offer of real laboratory space for researching companies, research facilities and institutes. The BTC and Quantumfrog booths provided information about the community portal, which future residents can use to network and exchange information digitally. The topic of energy supply was not neglected either: Deutsche Windguard, DLR VE and KEHAG explained the simulation of the energy concept and its most climate-friendly design for the Helleheide neighborhood. EWE Netz and New Power Pack presented information about hydrogen.

The audience was diverse and colorful: At the invitation of OLEC e.V., interested people from business & research met for a technology tour. Children could test their knowledge about climate protection at the OLEC e.V. booth and participate in a scavenger hunt across the event area.

Oldenburg's mayor, Mr. Krogmann, also visited the summer festival and was guided through the various theme tents. In conversation with the experts from the project, he was impressed by the research results to date and the visionary ideas of the partner institutions: "It's great to witness how the project ideas are becoming increasingly tangible and visible. Future residents will experience firsthand how climate-friendly and sustainable living can work."

The event also served its purpose for the contributors, as many project participants had not met for a long time or even never before for personal exchange due to corona. Well fed with delicious barbecue sandwiches and coffee, numerous conversations took place in a positive atmosphere.

Further information about the neighborhood and the project activities can be found at: www.helleheide.de.

Image: OLEC

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