Survey on personal environmental information needs

Within the project PUUK - Environmental Information Portal, a survey on personal environmental information needs is currently being conducted:
The provision of environmental information is gaining in importance against the background of the increasing social awareness for questions of environmental and climate protection, as is currently reflected in the results of the European elections or the Fridays for Future movement, among others.

Companies are therefore called upon to maintain extensive in-house environmental information in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of politics and the public. At the same time, municipalities are increasingly informing their residents and visitors about current developments in their (natural) environment. However, there is a lack of clarity in both companies and municipalities as to whether the information provided is actually of interest to the addressees. In order for environmental data to contribute to the solution of current problems, the required information must be comprehensible for the addressees (especially local citizens) and address the issues relevant to them.

The PUUK project is funded by the DBU (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt). The following project partners are behind the project: The VLBA department of the University of Oldenburg, the City of Oldenburg, leanact GmbH, Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH and, as an associated partner, the Lower Saxony Climate Protection and Energy Agency (KEAN).

This survey is being carried out in order to gain the following insights:

1. which user groups visit environmental information portals? (An environmental information portal can be understood to be an Internet site that provides environmental information).
2. what should be the focus of an environmental information portal?

Further information can be found under: PUUK-PROJECT.COM

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