Strong network even in times of crisis - OLEC moves forward in its 15th year with a new vision for the region

In its first physical meeting since the Corona Pandemic, the OLEC Board of Directors, together with Oldenburg's Lord Mayor Jürgen Krogmann and Honorary Member Dietmar Schütz, former Lord Mayor and former BEE President, took stock of the situation and set the course for the coming months.

At the beginning of the meeting, Lord Mayor Jürgen Krogmann once again thanked the network for its tireless commitment and in particular the Chairman of the Board Roland Hentschel, who has been pulling the strings of the OLEC since the network was founded over 15 years ago.

As a founding father and honorary member of the OLEC Dietmar Schütz drew a balance in a short review of the last 15 years also a balance to 20-year old existence of the EEG: "We have at that time from the idea to make nevertheless times the participants* inside the renewable energies in Oldenburg admits with one another admits to make the foundation-stone for the today's 60 members strong OLEC network put and thus for the northwest a unique structure created, which paid off absolutely. Because at the time of the foundation of the OLEC the thought to have once over 50% renewable energies in the net was still smiled at. This success story must not be allowed to fade away and the overriding goal of tackling the greatest challenge in the history of mankind - namely saving our planet - must not be lost sight of.

To this end, OLEC, together with the Board of Directors and with the participation of its members, has embarked on a strategic vision process and will henceforth focus its activities even more strongly on sustainability and climate protection. "Together with our members and cooperation partners* at home and abroad, we want to shape not only the energy system of the future, but a future worth living in - this is only possible with climate neutrality, sustainable management and environmentally friendly action," Hentschel emphasizes. Hereby OLEC reacts at the same time to the current German and European discussion about a necessary investment and economic program with focus on energy turnaround and climate protection as a reaction to the economic consequences of the Corona Pandemic.

The current challenges arising under Corona have also led to OLEC briefly reorganizing its event formats and launching the web dialogue series "Klartext" on 20 years of EEG and new digital formats for members.

The network continues to receive recognition from the state of Lower Saxony, which, in addition to the city of Oldenburg, is for the first time supporting the network in 2020 with funds within the framework of the "Innovation Networks" directive from the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics and Energy, as well as with funds from the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment. "OLEC is perceived and taken seriously by the state as a network and is continuously supported in its work, which makes us very happy", Hentschel emphasizes.

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caption: Board meeting with best weather. (from left) Dr. Till Luhmann (BTC AG), OLEC Chairman Roland Hentschel (City of Oldenburg), Prof. Dr. Ulrich Scheele (ARSU GmbH), OLEC Honorary Member Dietmar Schütz, Deputy OLEC Cluster Manager Georg Blum, Patrick de la Lanne (guest of the meeting), Dr.- Ing. Alexandra Pehlken (Steinbeis Transferzentrum Ressource), Oldenburg Lord Mayor Jürgen Krogmann, Thorsten Wieting (EWE NETZ GmbH), Klaus Zelder (City of Oldenburg), Dr. Jürgen Meister (OFFIS e.V.), Thorsten Janßen (BfE e.V.), Ralph Wilken (City of Oldenburg). Picture: OLEC e.V.

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