OLEC member energy & meteo systems develops Redispatch2.0 solution for E.ON

The Oldenburg-based energy service provider provides an innovative complete software solution for the entire Redispatch 2.0 system. An amendment to the German Grid Expansion Acceleration Act from 2019 requires the implementation of conventional and renewable energy plants with a capacity of 100kW or more, instead of conventional 10MW plants, in the Redispatch system. This is to avoid overloads of the power grid. The specially developed modular FuturePowerFlow software handles the individual needs of various network operators and can be put together as a "platform as a service" product to meet the needs of the customer.
We would like to congratulate energy & meteo on the successfully acquired order. The many years of competence and experience of regional players* in the energy industry are once again paying off. The Northwest makes another active contribution to the energy turnaround in Germany and Europe!

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