Success for oldenburger Informatik-Institut: OFFIS gets DLR Institute

Success for the oldenburger Informatik-Institut and OLEC member OFFIS: the budget committee of the German Bundestag decided on Thursday to allocate funds in the federal budget 2020 for the foundation of a new DLR institute "System Engineering for Future Mobility". The institute is to be set up with a basic grant of 8 million euros per year from the current transport research area of the OFFIS Institute of Computer Science.

The decision of the Budget Committee is the result of several years of discussions between the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and OFFIS and is a sign of the high international recognition of the outstanding work of OFFIS and the Research Field Transport.

"We have been working closely with DLR on various research projects in the field of transport for many years," said Prof. Dr. Axel Hahn, OFFIS Executive Board member. "The planned institutionalisation of the cooperation through the planned transfer of our OFFIS Transport division into a new DLR Institute "Systems Engineering for Future Mobility" will create great added value for Germany as a business and scientific location.

Prof. Hahn will be responsible for the further process. The 60 scientists* initially planned will primarily carry out research work on efficient and safe maritime and automotive systems.

"Today's budget decision is further proof of the high level of competence and nationwide visibility of the University and OFFIS at the computer science location Oldenburg. But it would not have come about without the committed political support of our members of the Bundestag and Landtag and our Minister of Science, Thümler". thanks Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Nebel, CEO of OFFIS. He adds with regard to the further revaluation of the research location: ?With university, DFKI, DLR and the OFFIS the planned Oldenburger IT-Campus will be a country widely unique bundling of training, research and innovation for the digitization.  

Text: OFFIS registered association.

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