EWE AG joins Clean Energy Partnership

Berlin, 19 November 2019 - With immediate effect, the Lower Saxony-based energy group EWE has joined the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) competence team. The industrial initiative thus makes a strong statement in the direction of sector coupling. By joining EWE, the CEP gains additional experts from the energy sector. An important step for the further development of important technologies, especially in the areas of production, storage and logistics.

The Clean Energy Partnership is growing. Effective immediately, the energy group EWE is strengthening the industrial initiative in its cross-sector and cross-company cooperation. GP Joule, a supplier of renewable energy generation, joined the industrial initiative in the spring. With EWE, CEP now has 15 industrial partners - its focus: the further market activation of hydrogen as a fuel and storage medium.

EWE: The potential of hydrogen as a storage medium

What makes hydrogen so interesting from EWE's perspective? "Hydrogen makes renewable energies storable in the long term and uses the synergies of all energy sectors - this is the only way to make the energy revolution a real model for success. We look forward to working together with industry experts in the unique and protected framework of the CEP on the further development of important technologies," explains Paul Schneider, hydrogen expert at EWE AG. In the interests of stable supply security, EWE relies on caverns as energy storage facilities, among other things. The energy company has been using the artificial caverns created in salt domes as storage facilities since the 1970s. In future, the caverns are to be used to store renewable energies from sustainable sources such as wind power or solar energy.

The Big Picture of the CEP - Energy Turnaround as Teamwork

The CEP acts as a cross-sector industrial initiative and knowledge authority. Originally started as a mobility project, the partners of the CEP have long had the big picture in mind: Hydrogen technology as a smart networking of electricity, heat supply and the transport sector. "We appreciate the different perspectives of the individual partners. With the energy group EWE, we are expanding our competence in the direction of sector coupling. Above all, the use of hydrogen as an energy store is an important aspect for us for the success of the energy turnaround," says Jörg Starr, Chairman of CEP, Audi AG, Hydrogen Technology Centre, Group Office Fuel Cell Ingolstadt.

About Clean Energy Partnership

The partners of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) are working on the market activation of mobility with hydrogen and fuel cells across all sectors in the interest of a sustainable energy turnaround. Air Liquide, Audi, BMW, Daimler, EWE, GP Joule, H2 Mobility, Honda, Hyundai, Linde, OMV, Shell, Total, Toyota and the Westfalen Group are involved in the project. In Phase IV, the industrial partnership opens up to new modes of transport, promotes sector coupling and develops business models for hydrogen production from renewable energies. The CEP focuses on the suitability of high-performance vehicles for everyday use, fast and safe refuelling and the system capability of accompanying technologies for optimum production, storage and logistics. www.cleanenergypartnership.de

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