Bioenergy Day

Berlin, November 20, 2020: From today until the end of the year, Germany will be exclusively supplied by bioenergy. Therefore, on today's "Bioenergy Day", the bioenergy associations are drawing attention to the achievements of their industry, which, as a reliable and flexible renewable energy source, ensures climate protection in all sectors. At the same time, they appeal to the Federal Government to further develop the contribution of bioenergy in the ongoing legislative processes and thus take an important step towards achieving the climate targets.

"For the rest of the year, Germany will be supplied mathematically exclusively with electricity, heat and fuel from bioenergy. Particularly in heat and transport, bioenergy is the top performer among the renewables, with shares of over 85 percent each," emphasized Sandra Rostek, head of the Capital Office of Bioenergy, on the occasion of the Bioenergy Day.   "It is essential that the Federal Government seizes the opportunities in the current legislative procedures to stabilize and optimize bioenergy with a view to the climate targets for 2030: in the Renewable Energy Sources Act, in the new support programs for regenerative heat and in the further development of the greenhouse gas reduction quota in transport. We want to make specific reference to this today," Rostek sums up.

The Bioenergy Day in Germany is part of the European information campaign surrounding the "European Bioenergy Day", which is implemented annually by the European bioenergy umbrella organization Bioenergy Europe for the supply of bioenergy. This year, the Europe-wide campaign started on November 13th, since from this day on until the end of the year, Europe will be exclusively supplied by bioenergy. More details on the campaign are available at

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