AHOI_MINT - We set the sails!

We, OLEC e.V., are part of the AHOI_MINT project, which aims to give all young people between the ages of 10 and 16 in northwestern Lower Saxony access to exciting opportunities in mathematics, computer science, science and technology.
The AHOI_MINT project is mainly supported by the partners Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Forschungszentrum NordWest für Schülerinnen und Schüler e. V., Landesmuseum Natur und Mensch Oldenburg and OFFIS e. V. - Institut für Informatik. The Schlaue Haus Oldenburg is responsible for project coordination. Active support is provided by the CEWE Stiftung & Co. KGaA and more than 50 other partners from science, economy, public administration and civil society.
Together we form the MINT Cluster NordWest: commitment and expertise from the region, for pupils the region!

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