Science4Life Venture and Energy Cup 2021

In order to realise visions unerringly and profitably, the start-up initiative Science4Life e.V. supports founders from all over Germany and beyond.
Once a year, the initiative organises Germany's largest business plan competition for the life sciences, chemicals and energy sectors. The best start-up teams from the fields of life sciences and chemistry are awarded the Science4Life Venture Cup. The Science4Life Energy Cup is an industry-specific prize for start-up projects in the field of energy. The Science4Life Academy offers further training and coaching to all registered participants. The winning teams of the individual phases then qualify for participation in the Science4Life Academy Days. A total of around 85,000 € in prize money is awarded in the business plan competition.
Since 1998, more than 7,500 people have taken part in the competition and over 2,200 business ideas have been submitted and evaluated. The start-up initiative consists of a network of industry experts from more than 200 companies who are available to the competition participants with their know-how and experience. Over 1,200 companies have been successfully founded.

The following applies to all subject areas: In three competition phases, new entrepreneurs and people who want to know what business potential lies behind their idea can develop a mature business plan from their idea with the voluntary experts of the Science4Life network. The participation and the examination of the business idea by specialists put the finishing touches to the business concept. In addition, there is the opportunity to expand one's personal network and thus advance and optimally implement one's own idea.

Science4Life has established itself as a brand and successful participation is regarded as a sign of quality by investors and cooperation partners.

The deadline for the concept phase is 15 January 2021.

Here you can find more information about the Science4Life Energy Cup and the Science4Life Venture Cup.

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