Web discussion series OLEC dialog "Klartext! How can wind power once again become the engine of the energy turnaround?" on 25.06.2020

The EEG will be 20 years old this year and OLEC celebrates its 15th anniversary. OLEC would like to take this opportunity to discuss the past developments and future challenges of the renewable energy sector together with representatives from business, science, politics and members of the network in the framework of the web conference series "OLEC dialog - Klartext!"

On the one hand, a summary of the successes and setbacks of the past years and the resulting learning effects will be drawn. On the other hand, future challenges for the industry, politics and society in the Northwest will be discussed and exciting contributions and solutions of the region will be presented.

We would like to invite you to the second web discussion in the series OLEC dialog - Klartext!

"How can wind power once again become the engine of energy system transformation?"

25.06.2020 - 16.00 - 17.00

Digital via ZOOM.

Wind energy in Germany stands on shaky legs: Tenders are not yielding the desired results, the expansion of onshore wind power is being severely slowed down and in many places is coming to a complete standstill due to sometimes absurd regulations. A lack of pipeline capacity means that the great hope of offshore wind energy is not having the desired effects.

The fact remains: The northwest into one of the wind locations in Germany, both in terms of generation possibilities and regional value creation. How can we unlock this potential?

Discuss with us and the following experts among others:

  • Dr. Stephan Barth, Managing Director of ForWind - Center for Wind Energy Research and OLEC board member
  • Ubbo de Witt, Managing Director Project Group and OLEC Board Member
  • Marie Kollenrott, Deputy Managing Director of the Renewable Energies Association of Lower Saxony/ Bremen
  • Johann Saathoff, Member of the Bundestag
  • Dr. Jens Winkler, Head of Energy Management at ENERCON GmbH

The web discussion is moderated by Tanja Föhr.

You can register for the event here. You will receive the access data for the conference tool (ZOOM) after registration.

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