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Bremen University of Applied Sciences pursues a sustainable development strategy with the profile line "Energy and Environment". This includes the bachelor's degree programs ISU (International Degree Program in Environmental Engineering), ET (Electrical Engineering with a focus on electrical power engineering), EnWi (Industrial Engineering with a focus on energy) and EnTec (Energy Technology) as well as the consecutive master's degree programs B&U (Building and Environment) and ZEUS (Sustainable Energy and Environmental Systems) from three faculties.

Contact persons for individual subject areas:

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Knies: Heat and infrastructure planning, renewable energies, membership affairs

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Silke Eckardt: Renewable energies, resource efficiency (deconstruction & recycling)

Prof. Dr. Lars Jürgensen: hydrogen, process engineering

Prof. Dr. Anja Noke: Bioeconomy

Prof. Michaela Hoppe: Climate friendly architecture

Prof. Dr. Winfried Osthorst: Acceptance and participation; regional and municipal climate protection policy


The area "Energy in Change" of the interdisciplinary research cluster "Region in Change" of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences develops sustainable solutions for the provision, storage and distribution of energy as well as for increasing the energy efficiency of products, processes and buildings.

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