Jade Hochschule Wilhelmshaven/ Oldenburg/ Elsfleth

The Jade University of Applied Sciences with its locations in Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg and Elsfleth sees itself as a modern university with a focus on engineering and business studies in the specialist areas:

  • Architecture
  • Building industry
  • Earth Sciences
  • Health/medical technology
  • Computer science/business informatics
  • Maritime/seafaring
  • Media
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Economy/tourism industry
  • Industrial Engineering
  • E-Learning

Energy-specific issues are dealt with in particular in the fields of civil engineering, geosciences, architecture, engineering and industrial engineering.

Jade Hochschule Wilhelmshaven/ Oldenburg/ Elsfleth

Ofener Straße 19
D 26121 Oldenburg

Hans-Peter Ratzke
Phone: +49 441 7708-0
E-Mail: helge.bormann@jade-hs.de